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Settling in Australia can be a daunting task, and we struggled through the process when we came here for the first time. Despite of having lived in many countries, Australian experience can be very different. 

One of our IT project manager friend, sought out help to find accommodation for few of his team mates, who were coming here for a short term project. They were our first set of happy customers, and it opened the flood gates to many more requests. Along the way, we value added the service offering, and included other segment of travelers to Australia. 

We attracted like-minded people who were happy to offer their products and services to assist anyone who were making or intent on making Australia their home. All through the journey, we have stuck to our value system of being transparent, accountable, honest and customer focused. We ensure that everyone in our organization and association reflect these values in all their interactions.

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Our Values

In the Executive Life family  we treasure the simple human ideologies of Integrity, Gratitude, Service, Support, and Security. We in Executive Life practice and demonstrate theses values in our interactions.  We make sure that all our, team, customers, vendors, suppliers and all the people who are associated with us understand the way we operate as we inculcate this in our culture.


“I stayed with Executive life for years.They got well maintained and fully furnished rooms.Most of their apartments are very near to train station too.”–  Sinshith Sachidanandan 

Our Journey

We are grateful to be on this journey, and happy to have touched many lives positively over the last 10 years.
Our journey over a decades has been filled with a lot of adventure - experiences around managing expectation of the various agencies we deal with, our customer and the service providers.
We have learnt a lot about navigating ourselves ensuring that everyone in the journey is happy.

We have been a witness to changing landscape in the real estate space, changes in the demographics of our customer, every evolving Visa regulations , changes in customer preference and rise of competition. We believe that our survival and success are drive by our value centric approach. We are driven by values.


Our customers have been the drivers of our existence and growth. They have been the primary factors to keep us motivated and focused. We are thankful to the 18000 customers we have serviced over a decade, and the many who despite of not having used our services, promote our services to their friends. 

Executive life currently operates in 4 suburbs of Sydney (Parramatta, Epping, Strathfield and Homebush).

Support us in 2020 as we launch our operation in 3 more suburbs and introduce a membership program ZOE. ZOE is a community based program, that will connect the local business with the community. Membership will be free for all Executive life members, and benefits wiil include discounts and preferred treatment for essential services.

Dedicated Support Team

Kailash Krishnan

The dreamer, conceptualizer and idea generator who has  17 years of experience with start-ups and pioneering business concepts and strategies for organizations. He specializes in all aspects of improving business outcomes. Executive Life is the brainchild of Kailash. Kailash believes in passing of a helping hand- he believes, “what goes around, comes

Rajesh Krishnan

Brings with him 19 years of rich experiences working with Global corporations and Government organisations in operationalizing concepts.  He specializes in the people component of the organization focusing people development. Rajesh drives the sales and the relationship management for Executive life. Rajesh believes – “Happier people, better performance”

Shanti Rajesh

She is the Stabilizer and takes pride in ensuring that business is as usual all the time. She has been doing this for over 15 years with leading health care organizations . She is the expert and know what it is required when it comes to taking care of people and ensuring their comfort Shanti practices the philosophy of – “If you add a little to a little, and then do it again, soon that little shall be much”

Veda Rajesh

The new kid on the block, who Joined the Executive Life family. Veda has been successful in juggling her University, her passion for painting and her roles in Executive life. Veda practices the philosophy of – “If cannot do great things do small things in a great way”

“Meets expectations. Good place to be. Convenient to move around as lots of transport options available. Property is nice and well maintained.”–  Sanchit Mallick (Macquarie Business School)


Our Partners

“Have used their services and found their approach extremely professional and transparent. Have in fact recommended them to lot of my friends who have moved from overseas to Sydney. All of them had a pleasant experience.”–  KARTHIK RANGANATHAN (KPMG)

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